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Training van de Ear Inspectors in Nepal

Het bestuur van Stichting Kind en Oor

Dr. Arvid Kropveld

Oprichter & voorzitter

Dr. Arvid Kropveld is oprichter en voorzitter van onze stichting. Hij is KNO-arts in het ETZ Tilburg. In Groningen heeft hij de opleiding Geneeskunde afgerond en in Utrecht heeft hij de opleiding tot KNO-arts voltooid. Arvid heeft het proefschrift ”p 53 in Diagnosis and Treatment in Head and Neck Cancer” geschreven.

Jan Kerkhofs


Jan Kerkhofs is verantwoordelijk voor de financiële zaken en – verantwoording, waaronder begroting, financiële administratie en jaarrekening. Jan is een voormalig registeraccountant en ruim 25 jaar als partner verbonden geweest aan BDO Accountants. Hij heeft jarenlange ervaring als bestuurder bij andere stichtingen.

Dr. Eric Theunissen

Trainingen en opleidingen

Dr. Eric Theunissen was opleider van KNO-artsen in Venlo en is nu als bestuurslid verantwoordelijk voor het opleiden en trainen van de Ear Inspectors. Ook zorgt hij ervoor dat de lokale KNO-artsen theoretisch en praktisch onderwijs krijgen zodat zij moderne oordiagnostiek en ooroperaties kunnen uitvoeren.

Peter Poort


Peter Poort is expert op het gebied van Medische repatriering. Jaarlijks verzorgen we honderden transporten van vakantiegangers die al dan niet onder begeleiding van onze verpleegkundigen en artsen naar huis worden gebracht. Voor de reizen naar Nepal verzorgen we de beste en goedkoopste oplossingen zodat de tijd in Nepal optimaal gebruikt kan worden.

Ons fantastische team health assistents in Nepal

Pooja Giri

Health assistent

My name is Pooja Giri and I live in Ratnanagar 8 Chitwan,Sauraha. I am 25 years old and graduate General Medicine(Health Assistant) from reputed college i.e College of Medical Sciences located at Bharatpur. I being a human, am a kind, loving and caring human being. I belong to a middle family where my family is the real asses of my life and I owe everything to my family especially my parents, brother, sister who stood by me to achieve my goal.
My hobbies are reading books,listening music exploring new people and places,spending time with children,serving local people,playing badminton etc.
The mission and vision of Baccha ra Kaan is to help those who have ear problems and always solve the problem from normal to severe.The way how this organization is helping without any selfishness encourages and passionates me for helping people and children to bring difference in their live . I feel passionate about my work, combining hobby and work and feel much at home at Kind en Oor (Baccha ra Kaan). That’s why I feel proud to be part of this team and like to thank heartly Kind en Oor for choosing me.
Thank you!!!

Yubaraj Sapkota

Health assistent

My name is Yubaraj Sapkota. I am from Baglung but currently I live in Bharatpur-04 Chitwan .I am 21 years old and graduate general medicine (health assistant) from Dhaulagiri prabidhik shikshya pratisthan, Baglung.

My strength are , I am hard working,quick learner, work ethic, self motivated and a multi tasker.     Apart from this, My hobbies are watching movies,reading books and novels, playing and interact with children.    I always wanted to involve myself in social work and that is something that gives me happiness and a kind of satisfaction. And Now I got that opportunity by kind en oor (Baccha ra kaan) organization which is performed by heart by those who really want to help others. It is pleasure to be a part of this reputed organization and love to work with my new team as an ear inspector.

Sadan Bhandari

Health assistent

My name is Sadan Bhandari. I am from Khairahani -4, Chainpur, Chitwan. I am 22 years old. I belong to a nuclear family. I have completed my diploma  degree General Medicine (Health Assistant) from College of Medical Sciences, which is located at Bharatpur. And also I have taken training of Caregivers.
My hobbies are  watching  movies with my family members, serving  people and doing extra activities in the same time I love to interact and play with children. I want to involve myself in social work  now I got that opportunity by Kind en Oor (Baccha ra Kaan)and feels my dreams come true. It is my delight to work with my new colleagues and be greatful to learn new ideas and knowledges which will enhance me a better person involving myself as a Ear Inspector.

Nitu Kumal

Health assistent

My name is Nitu Kumal.I am from Bharatpur 11, Chitwan Nepal.I did my Diploma in General Medicine in Medical Science from College of Medical Sciences.

My hobbies are reading new novels, listening music and love to explore adventures places and love to interact with children. I always wanted to work for community which is possible now because of Kind en Oor (Baccha ra kaan). It is my pleasure to work with my new team. I will do my best in coming days and learn and share my knowledge.

Thank you!!!

Sanju Chaudary

Health assistent

My name is Sanju Chaudhary. I am from Ratnanagar 6 Bachhauli,Chitwan Nepal. I completed my diploma in General Medicine from Kalika Medical and Technical Institute.

I love watching movies with my family, as I have my little girl, I love playing with her and spending more time which makes me the happiest mother in the world. In this great journey I have learned the beautiful feelings that is the purest love between the mother- daughter relationship on this earth which is worth it.

Carrying me as a mother, I am also a Health Assistance, helping, serving the poor and needy is my first priority. I love interacting with new people and helping them with my experiences. It is my pleasure that I get an opportunity to work with Kind en Oor\baccha ra kaan. I will give my 100% and full attention to work in the coming future.

Thank you.

Onze ambassadeur

Hr. Jan (J.A.H.) Melis


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Paula van Woensel

Audiologisch assistent

Evi Bastiaensen